Types of deductible donations

There are many charitable and non profit organization throughout the United State helping the  poor and other worthy causes. But did you know that there are benefits that we can gain from donating to these worthy causes? Not only will you help others with your generous donation but you can also write off some of these donations on your taxes.

There are two types of donations that we can consider in order to lower taxes – the charitable donations and car donations. Charitable donations are pretty straight forward. But there are few things that we need to know. You need to double check the organization that you will be claiming the deduction with.  You need to make sure that they are a tax exempt organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service.  Otherwise your donations to them will not be tax deductible.  If that is not important to you then you can continue donating to those organizations that are not tax exempted.

You need to also understand what qualifies for a charitable deduction.  It’s not just money that can you can claim as a tax deduction. Any kind of product or service provided to the charity can be claimed as a deduction.

The car donation is the other option that we mentioned earlier. There are few things that you need to consider as well for this class of deduction. To help you get the most out of your car donation, here are a few tips to keep in mind, whether you are donating a new car, a old car, or a junk car. Check the name of the organization. Make sure you are donating the car directly to the non-profit and not to some middle man or broker.

Donating directly to the organization allows the organization to reap the maximum benefit of your donations.  As brokers will only take a cut and reduce the benefit intended for the non-profit.  And lastly make sure to check to see if the charity or organization is registered with the IRS.

Things nonprofits can do to raise money

It can be fairly challenging for not for profit organizations to come up with ideas to raise money.  Everyone thinks that you have to come up with a fantastic idea to raise money.  But that is not necessarily true.  To raise money, you just need to come up with a fun idea that doesn’t require too much work if you want a lot of people to get involved.  There are actually a lot of fundraising ways for organizations to try that won’t require a lot of work, time, or money to pull off.

Providing entertainment and enjoyment, one thing that a non profit organization can do to earn money.  Social functions are always a fun way to raise money.  Social events like a dance, concert, carnival, talent show and etc are always fun.

There are always numerous companies who are more than willing to fund parties, events, and activities to help nonprofits raise funds. It likewise beneficial for the business because it make them look favorable in the community and shows that they can around the people in their community.

Other things that should consider is doing a variety shows, musicals, auctions, selling discount cards or voucher books, leaving charity containers in stores as well as having a “charity button” on highly travel websites.

Don’t forget that people can help you organization in matter ways besides offering money.  They can offer resources, materials, goods, labor, and their own skill as well.  So don’t forget about all the possibilities that people can help your nonprofit.

In conclusion, with today’s complicated times, it can be a little bit tough for groups to get the money they need. However, they can obtain these funds by employing creative fundraising concepts.

Great ways for a church to raise money

One of the biggest problems that all churches face is being able to raise enough money to continue to serve their community.  Due to the current economic conditions, many churches and religious organizations in are experiencing the difficult task of trying to raise enough money to continue to perform their philanthropic activities.  So today, we thought that we talk about some ways that a church can raise money.

Organize a Live Variety Concert- Organize a live variety concert and ask the popular local singer and/or performers to perform for the event. The idea is that the singers name and popularity will help draw people to the event.  The use of their name will help bring some press and advertisement to the event.  With the association of a famous singer, other sponsor will be attracted to the event as well.

Arrange a Dance Show – do not limit your church to just a live variety concert of music. Dance show is another great way to attract people. Let the children from the community, perform during the show.  This will help attract their families and friends to the event as well. You can sell tickets to the event and sell food to make additional income.

Cooking and Bake Idea – making goodies like cookies and other pastries is also another great way to earn funds for your church. You can bake and cook food and sale it to your community. You can make a small stand outside the church during Sunday morning before and after your services.

Use Technology – Facebook is one of the most popular site where you can advertise and solicit aid for your causes. You can upload your church fundraising show or dance program to attract a larger audience and draw in more people to your events.

Car wash and Massage Service- An ideal way to raise funds for your church is to organize a cash wash or provide massage service. The patrons of your church devote their free labor to help the church raise money.  You could simply gather substantial donations by having complimentary car wash.

Lastly, think outside of the box.  There are lots of ways that you can raise money for your church.  Some will be traditional and some will be non-traditional.

Types of sponsors to look to

There is countless group depend on corporate sponsors to deliver services, money and products for events. Charities are just like everyone else.  We all need to raise money to help others and to grow our organization.

Businesses or companies sponsor events because they want direct exposure for their product and services. Being able to secure a few sponsors for any event is essential to succeeding any fundraising efforts.  An excellent sponsor can also serves as a mentor for your event. There are many different types of sponsors that you can look to; to help sponsor your charity.


1. Media partners:

Produce complimentary editorial insurance coverage or advertisements in exchange for media products and put them into group’s booklets/packets

2. Main retailer/drug store chain:

Consider allow a sponsor to be spotlighted at your event through banners ads and special tables for the sponsor to promote their products.

3. Aut dealership:

Auctioning off a car through a lottery or raffle tickets.

4. Barter partner:

Alleviate operating cost for things likemeals, beverage in exchange for sponsorship exposure

5. Town or Community Affiliation:

Gain access to discounted fees traditionally given to non-profit or government companies for your sponsor events.

Non-profit Organization

If you are looking to find corporate sponsor for your charity then consider getting an attorney and an accountant and file the necessary paperwork to form a 503(c)(3) corporation.  By forming a non-profit corporation, you can tell people that if they donate to your charity that their donation are tax deductible.  That always makes people more willing to contribute money.  Its a sad truth but a reality.

By forming a 503(c)(3) corporation, you will also be able to find more corporate sponsor because who doesn’t like getting a tax write off.  It will also get corporate sponsors to take our more serious because the process of qualifying as a non profit organization is not cheap and complicated.  It also needs to be approved by the Secretary of State in your jurisdiction and certified by an accountant and lawyer who are preparing the necessary documents.

Easy Steps to Raising Money for Charity

The economy is in  a bad state today but that does not mean that it is impossible to raise money for charity already. Sure, raising money for charity a decade ago is a lot easier – donors were more generous and expenses are not that high – but that does not mean that there’s no room in this world anymore for charity. However, today’s campaigners must be able to state their cases creatively yet truthfully in order to be able to attract individuals and companies to part ways with some of their money and to give it to them. Now, if you want to raise money for charity, you need very good communication and persuasion skills.

If you are planning to raise money for charity soon, then the following pointers will be very useful for you.

Pick a Cause that is Close to Your Heart

When you are raising money for charity, you should always keep in mind the cause you are supporting. The cause will actually guide you in choosing the best ways to raise money. The cause should be something that is really close to your heart. This way, you will always be motivated to do whatever it takes for you get some much needed funds to the cause. If you feel strongly about orphans, for example, then you can to choose to benefit a local orphanage. If you are a strong advocate of animal rights, then you can think of raising funds for the local animal shelter.

Get Your Friends and Family Involved

Before you go out into the world, you should first enlist the help of your close friends and family. If they feel that your heart is really set in the cause you are campaigning for, then for sure they will help you raise funds for the charity of your choice. Involving your friends and family will also make the campaign more fun. You really don’t need to get the support of a large company or even of a rich individual. There is strength in numbers, as they say. And by rallying enough friends and family members (who, for sure, also have other friends) you will soon  be able to raise enough money for your cause.

Tap Your Community

After going to your friends and family, it is now time to tap the community you live in. The first thing that you need to do is to raise awareness. People nowadays are attracted to creative campaigns. So you must employ creative means to make sure you will get the attention that you need. Once attention is won, it is now time to deliver the details of your campaign. With a thousand one charity causes vying for donors attention, you must be able to state your case in a short yet attention grabbing fashion.

Have Fun While Raising Money

Last but not the least, you should have fun while raising money for charity. After all, you are making money for a good cause. That is reason enough to celebrate and be happy.

Raising money for charities

Charities are organization that are created to help people. The organizers of these programs raise funds to help adults, children, and families who need it.  There are many different types of charities.  As the economy gets worse and worse, it becomes harder for charities to raise money to help the people who need it the most.  Today we are going to talk about different things that a charity can do to raise money.  We will first take about simple things first and get into more details on another occasion.  Here, are the following things that you can consider raising money for the charity program.


Garage sale- this is one of the most common ways to raise fund. Old books, clothes, furniture and appliances that are still functioning can be sold to raise money.

Car wash- you can organize a team that can sit on your neighbor hood to wash people’s car. This is a good way to earn money from those people who are willing to donate their time and work. There are lots of people who love this idea for the purpose of fundraising.

Crafts and other product. Some charity organizers can organize and work with sponsor who are willing to give their products so that your organization can sell those products to raise money.  It cost the sponsor very little to give away their product and is a good way to get attention to their product.   You can also do raffles and lotteries for the items if their value is high enough.

Selling foods and snacks- Having a pancake or cheeseburger cook out at a church or a company is yet another way to raise money. All you need to do assuming you already have permission from the charity is to decide what kind of food you want to prepare and sell.

There are still many other ways to raise money for your charity like cutting yards, doing handman work, cleaning cars, watering yards as well as washing roofs. By promoting what you are willing to and where the money will be going to, you can get a lot of people to consider your services so that their money can go to a worthy charity.

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